The Employee Retention Credit is Complex!

(but no longer so time-consuming)

We gave real client data to five different CPAs and asked them to calculate the ERC credit. All five results were wildly different.

  • One claimed the client didn't qualify for the ERC so $0.00
  • One claimed the client would receive $327,000.
  • The other three... somewhere between those two extremes.

We then fed the same data into our ERC Expert proprietary software and found that the client qualified for over $480,000.

There's a really good reason!

CPA evolution


Every law of the CARES Act is accounted for

One reason ERC results vary so much from CPA to CPA is due to a litany of laws that are sometimes forgotten or unaccounted for. Our software makes sure every law of the CARES Act IS accounted for to give maximum ERC benefits to your client.

Provides 941X Documentation and supporting documents

If you have a printer and a pen, you and your client are ready to sign documents created effortlessly for you. Print and sign the necessary 941X document for the IRS and supporting documents for comforting backup.

Multi-factor authentication and encryption

Use our software nimbly and with peace of mind, knowing all your client's data is secure. You will sail through the very complex calculation of the Employee Retention Credit tax credit and easily sleep at night.

Designed to allocate each employee's wages for each pay period across every stimulus program, including PPP 

We save you the time and great effort to look up each and every rule and stimulus circumstance to which each employee was qualified. Our results are calculated automatically and instantly.

Designed to accurately handle complicated Control Groups

It's difficult enough to calculate ERC benefits for a single business. Control groups complicate the issue by and order of magnitude, but our software is designed to handle even the most complex business structures.

Can be used to RECALCULATE for cases already submitted

If you've already submitted 941X documents for your client, you may use our software to recalculate and (very likely) find a higher qualification. Then just submit and amended 941X and reap the added benefits.

Options Options Options

There are plenty of ways to utilize the speed and accuracy of ERC Expert software to calculate your clients' ERC

  1. 1
    Are you already an ERC Expert? Great!  Use our software to simplify and speed up the process. You can use it at your own pace and place for maximum results for your client.
  2. 2
    We can provide full-service by working directly with your clients on the ERC only (they remain YOUR clients for all your other CPA services). Sit back, relax, and collect a referral fee for having us do the work.
  3. 3
    Still not sure what to do? Speak with one of our experts first to see what works best for your situation. We'll do our best to help you find the solution that's right for you.

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